About Us

About The Gnome 
The gnome is a simple fellow.  He likes lawnmower races as much as the next gnome, and of course enjoys adventuring about when travelers decide to take him for a gambol.  But one of his secret hobbies is making delightfully scented, natural skincare products. Kindhearted chap that he is, he’s decided to share his creations here.  
In his spare time, the Gnome loves movies, from action movies like “Mad Max Beyond Thundergnome” to 80s comedies like “Revenge of the Gnomes.”   He even had the opportunity to play a bit part in “Gnomeo and Juliet,” in which he played a mischievous…bunny!
About Lotion Bars
A lotion bar is, well, a bar of lotion.  Made from a special blend of beeswax, cocoa and mango butters, and oils (sweet almond, coconut, and hemp), plus fragrance oil, these bars offer lasting, non-greasy moisture in a delightfully scented, easy to use bar.   Just pop it out of the tin, rub between your hands, and smooth into skin, or simply rub the bar over whatever area needs hydration.
The blend of oils was carefully tested to ensure that these bars deliver great moisture, with a non-greasy finish.  Our variety of scents were chosen to capture any taste – from the zesty zing of pink grapefruit to the homey comfort of vanilla cream.  Sensitive to scents or just don’t want anything interfering with your perfume?  We’ve got you covered with an unscented variety as well.